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Lighten Up 15 June 2001 Edition
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Million $ Ideas
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Time for another weekly dose of really interesting, or really dumb stuff from the web.

Steam Rocket
If you've got US$20 you can build your own environmentally friendly vehicle. Mind you -- I think you'd have to be really crazy to ride this thing!

The Nuke50
For those occasions when you need to fight off an entire 3rd-world army single handed. No banana republic should be without one.

Owchy The Clown WARNING: not for Kids
I have it on good authority that this is NOT Cookie The Clown's night job and is in no way related to the activities of Internet marketing exspurt Mike Masters.

7amNews Sci/Tech


Shock Horror Probe!
It's another slow news day over at IDG.net.nz today -- well at least that is the only reason I can think of for this story.

Come on guys, this is news?

You build a website, you're dumb enough to put an email address on it and you then act all surprised when you get a single spam???

Now come on Russell, I know you read Aardvark so you must know that putting an email address on a webpage (especially as a mailto: tag) is guaranteed to get that address on the spammers' lists within days of it being published to the Web.

Ah... but perhaps the story was just an excuse to give the site a free plug?

Of course it was!

Damn -- I've been tricked into helping out :-)

Never mind, I'm always glad to help local sites trying to get some traffic.

However, I trust Russell will reciprocate by including Aardvark as a regular part of his Mediawatch program -- after all, as far as I'm aware, it's NZ's longest-running online publication (and one of the longest-running anywhere on the web), now that ought to count for something eh?

Thanks in advance Russell :-)

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  • Use mailto: tags without fear!... - Camryn
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    Be Afraid!
    What a fiasco -- Microsoft announces a security hole in the webmail component of its Exchange 2000 and 5.5 mailservers -- then issues a patch that causes systems to lock-up.

    No problem says Microsoft, and they pull the patch -- leaving system admins in a real lurch -- Run an insecure webmail service or shut it down.

    But wait -- just a day or so later, Microsoft apologises for the bugs in the first patch and posts a brand new patch -- which still causes servers to lock up tight.

    This time Microsoft tells all those system administrators that they've got rocks in their heads and that it's not a problem with the patch -- the admins must have goofed up the install process.

    Finally, several days later, after being bombarded with complaints from obviously incompetent system admins, Microsoft fesses up and admits that the second patch really was a dud after all.

    Remember that Exchange 2000 and 5.5 are supposedly reasonably mature and mission-critical products, yet it took Microsoft three tries to fix what was really a relatively trivial problem.

    Now, hands up all those "incompetent admins" who are going to rush out and upgrade their systems to Windows XP when it launches???

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    New Zealand

    Open in New Window Telecom signs $150m local deal
    An Auckland-based technology company setting its sights on the European secure network market has come home to find a telecommunications partner, signing a deal with Telecom expected to be worth $150 million to the telco over the next five years...
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    Open in New Window E-Phone heads off as losses mount
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    Open in New Window OzEmail: put your credit card away
    OzEmail has launched its e-commerce platform, OzEpay, that allows subscribers to shop online without sending credit card payments over the Internet...

    Open in New Window Watchdog approves Telstra broadband download limits
    Telstra's cap on Big Pond broadband's previously unlimited 'Freedom Plan' does not breach its contract with users, according the telecommunications consumer watchdog...


    Open in New Window Ex-Senator's Wife Charged for E-Mail
    The wife of former Sen. Rod Grams was charged Thursday with a misdemeanor for allegedly sending e-mails in the 2000 campaign that were meant to discredit a Democratic Senate hopeful...

    Open in New Window Study: Web fails to impress most people
    The Internet may seem all-pervasive, but billions of people around the world are not surfing the Web because of a lack of interest, need, money and equipment, according to a survey released Thursday...

    Open in New Window IT's hottest job? Security expert
    There's an estimated 25,000-50,000 unfilled jobs for skilled security professionals in the U.S. alone. Is this the real reason for the rampant hack attacks?...

    Open in New Window Human error blamed for Calif. power hack
    The intruder who hacked California's power grid stumbled past two servers that had not been protected by a firewall. It could have been much worse...

    Open in New Window Internet tax deal reached
    U.S. lawmakers reached a deal that extends the moratorium on new online taxes until 2006 but paves the way for increased collection of existing sales taxes on the Internet and catalog sales...

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