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Lighten Up 22 June 2001 Edition
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Million $ Ideas
At last, the contents of Aardvark's "million-dollar ideas" notebook are revealed for all to see!
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Chronicle Of The Future
Why wait until tomorrow to read tomorrow's news. This site will give you all the news that's fit to read for the next 50 years.

The LNSEMS Foundation
I can't for the life of me see why this guy even bothered to build such drivel-filled website -- but he did.

Things You Never Knew Existed
Here's a site where you can buy stuff you didn't even know existed -- check out the special "PANIC" button for your computer's keyboard.

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Politicians as Internet Stars?
My, how our political situation is different ot Japan's!

According to this story, Japan's Prime Minister, Junichiro Koizumi now has almost two million people subscribing to his emailed newsletter.

Even if we scale that figure to match NZ's meagre 4 million population, it's the equivalent of Helen Clark having an online fan club of over 60,000 people who might feel keen enough to subscribe to a mailing list of her prose.

The Japanese figure is even more astounding when you realise that for a great many Japanese Net users, their mobile phone is their primary email and browsing tool.

I see that Helen does have her own website which has a sparsely populated section titled "Column" but that seems to be about as close as she comes to matching her Japanese peer.

But have I missed anything?

Is there a WeLoveHelen.govt.nz fan site somewhere?

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Solaris bug gives hackers free rein (ZDNet - 22/06/2001)

Microsoft Admits Another 'Serious Vunerability' In IIS 7amNews - 19/06/2001)

Trojan horse targets Word users (CNet - 14/06/2001t)

Microsoft Patches Yet Another IIS Security Hole (NewsBytes - 15/05/2001)

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Worm: New 'Homepage' virus rated X (ZDNet - 10/05/2001)

New virus hits both Windows and Linux (Fairfax - 28/03/2001)

SANS Detects Lion Worm (TechWeb - 23/03/2001)

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The Day's Top News
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New Zealand

Open in New Window Keen interest in ISOCNZ council positions
There are at least 13 nominations for the 11 Internet Society (ISOCNZ) council positions being voted on at tonight's ISOCNZ annual general meeting...

Open in New Window Clear 'not spamming' with new ad arrangment
Clear Communications insists that use of a new set of "e-marketing tools" it will be providing to its client advertisers is within the bounds of the Privacy Act and the guidelines of advertising and marketing standards organisations...


Open in New Window No Harmony on Streaming Standards
A new consortium is hoping to use consumer electronics makers to beat RealNetworks and Microsoft at their own games...

Open in New Window Internet Campaign Urges Americans to Pull the Plug
An Internet campaign is urging Americans to ``roll their own blackout'' on Thursday, asking people to turn off lights and unplug appliances to protest U.S. energy policies and draw attention to efficiency, conservation and alternative fuels...

Open in New Window Japan PM Reaches Out to Masses Via E-Mail
Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's record popularity is showing no signs of waning and subscribers to his e-mail magazine on Thursday reached close to two million...

Open in New Window Microsoft to XP users: Passport required
Windows XP may be Microsoft's passport to trouble. A new feature introduced in the latest test version of Microsoft's Windows XP operating system requires people to establish an account with the software maker's Passport authentication service...

Open in New Window Echelon Panel Calls It a Day
The European Parliament's special committee, set up to investigate the alleged U.S. surveillance system, is preparing its conclusions and will disband. Yes, they say, the United States is spying on Europe...


Open in New Window Domain standoff tests ICANN
THE Australian domain authority's application for .au to be redelegated is looming as a test for the global authority which will handle the request...
Australian IT

Open in New Window ATO irons out e-tax creases
The ATO braces itself for an e-tax rush, without last year's debacles...


Open in New Window Six months max for Anna virus suspect
The suspected author of the Anna Kournikova virus that cost businesses millions will be tried in a police court, meaning that if guilty, he faces a maximum of six months in jail or a $38,000 fine...

Open in New Window Intel: Linux has 'no place' on desktop
As Linux comes under increasing attack by Microsoft, Intel says the open-source OS doesn't have the apps to compete with Windows...

Open in New Window This is how Microsoft will end up running the Internet
Your Internet licence is due for renewal in two weeks. Please contact your local Microsoft branch for an extension...
The Register

Open in New Window The great domain race has begun
VeriSign is now taking applications for new .biz Web addresses with competitors soon to follow. It's the first real competition among registries, too...

Open in New Window Porn spam flood bedevils Usenet
A Windows-based Trojan horse program that has swamped Internet discussion groups, including a forum for discussing computer viruses, with child pornography ads...
The Register

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