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Hello TVNZ... Is There Anybody There? 27 September 2001 Edition
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Once again I have to preface today's column by saying that I hate to criticise anyone or any company that might be even remotely be considered competition to this site.


TVNZ appear to be really asleep at the wheel these days.

Despite constant references to their website NZoom.com in their broadcasts, parts of the site -- particularly the technology section, are a bit of a disaster.

Back in July I mentioned that it was a "Bad-News Monday" for NZoom and pointed out that they had set up the permissions incorrectly on an important script. Guess what?

It's now September and, you guessed it, that script is still broken!

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So what has prompted today's bitch-session at TVNZ?

Well it was an item on the Telstra-Saturn Business Program this morning.

Call it "better late than never" perhaps, but the program contained a warning for people who had received letters prompting them to pay $250 to secure a domain name -- only a month too late!

Virtually anyone who was going to get caught by this -- will have already sent off their money long ago. So what was the point??

What's worse, they interviewed NZ's favourite "Internet Consultant" and spammer, Danny de Hek as part of the item!

Come on TVNZ, we know you can do better. I know for a fact that the item concerned was ready for screening weeks ago, when it was far more relevant.

What you've done with this item is something akin to delaying the broadcast of news that the WTC was hit by terrorists until next week. Not good enough!

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    And please -- can't you do something to speed up that site -- it seems to take forever to load over a dial-up connection.

    Don't forget to freshen things up a little too. Do you realise that the stuff relating to Pat Pilcher's spot on Breakfast is now months out of date?

    Want Video? Yea -- I want video -- but I don't want it popping up in a stupid little browser window that occasionally crashes my Netscape 4.5 and makes it impossible to zoom to double size so it can be seen easily on my 1600x1200 display. What's wrong with simply spawning the stand-alone player? And how can I link to a video that appears in a javascript window to send you extra traffic??

    Come on guys -- I know the Net is pretty much a diversion from your core business of broadcast but that's no excuse for being so tardy with reporting on important issues (such as the domain name item) or not investing the small amount of extra effort it would take to polish it a bit and fix the bugs.

    You've got some good people and resources there -- put them to proper use!

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    Come on now, don't be shy -- let me have it -- both barrels.

    One thing I've learnt over the years is that, as the industry, the market, the technology and people's expectations change, you've got to be prepared to adapt or die.

    Just drop me a line with your comments and suggestions.

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