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Compass Pro Spam? 8 November 2001 Edition
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It seems that our little spammer friend Julian Angelo is still at it.

I've received several complaints from people who he's targeted -- albeit the initial contact was done under the name (alias?) "Hayden".

These bulk emailings have been sent through the usual open relays offshore (predominantly Korean) -- but using possibly bogus header information that suggests it originated from the network of compass.net.nz

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I know of several people who have forwarded copies of this spam to Compass but none have received a response of any kind.

If this guy is using Compass as his point of access then their inaction represents a "couldn't care less" attitude to spamming and that's not good to see within the ISP industry.

If however, the header information is bogus, then Compass would be well advised to respond to these complainants and advise them so -- then perhaps take some action against Angelo -- perhaps for misuse of their trademark.

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Going Down
Today's column is late and brief -- mainly because the IBM hard drive in my PC is dying.

It has begun recalibrating itself at an ever-increasing frequency and began throwing up bad sectors this morning.

Hopefully I'll get this up before it expires completely.

Unfortunately it's not the nodel for which several class-action lawsuits are presently underway so I figure it's just bad luck (again).

Has anyone else ever noticed that hard drives often fail just weeks after their warranty expires?

I should also advise readers that I'm in the process of moving Aardvark to a new server sometime in the next day or two -- so if the site is temporarily inaccessible it's probably because the DNS hasn't caught up with its new home yet.

By the way, now's the time to send off links for tomorrow's Lighten Up section.

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If guilt is gnawing away inside you then there's still time to donate.

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