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Lighten Up 10 May 2002 Edition
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Here's your weekly instalment of flotsam and jetsam from the web.

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If you're a bit of a philanderer then make sure your spouse never stumbles across this site

Here's proof that the Egyptians had contacts in high places. How else would they be able to get secret pictures of attack helicopters and submarines?

Whatever Happened To?
About a year or so ago I started developing a new type of pulsejet engine which takes aim fair and square at the defense and recreation markets.

To find out how things are going, check out the X-Jet page on this site.

Awards, Part Two
Last Friday I wrote a piece about Internet awards. This prompted a response from Denis Dutton, editor of Arts & Letters Daily.

He writes:

"For the record, neither Arts & Letters Daily nor SciTech Daily Review paid for their nomination for this year's Webby Awards, which came to us as a pleasant but complete surprise. So far as we understand, each of us was nominated by members of the Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. Other nominees in our categories include NASA and BBC News, and I doubt if they paid for nomination, either. Your editor is quite correct that the Web is clogged with meaningless "top site" prizes. The Webby Awards do not fall into this category. Both Vicki Hyde and I will be flying to San Francisco to join the glitterati for the event. Why not?"

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A few days later I received an email from Vicki Hyde who is the managing editor of SciTechDaily Review.

Now Vicki is showing a level of intelligence not often seen in the online community. She's created a web page designed to rally support for the site amongst NZ web surfers.

One thing's for sure -- if you don't blow your own horn on the Net then it's really hard to get someone else to do the job for you.

As regular readers know, I'm always in favour of getting in behind local content producers -- so I fully endorse this campaign to recruit voters in the "People's Voice" category.

Go and vote now!

Why Is He Smiling?
Once again, Telecom/Xtra's DSL service seems to have been a little "intermittent" in recent days. What I never cease to find amazing is that the dork whose face features on the "Xtra Network Status Summary" is always smiling -- regardless of the bad news he has to deliver to customers on that page.

Perhaps he has an account with some other ISP?

Come on Xtra -- get creative -- wipe that smile off his face when you're delivering bad news!

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Security Alerts
Security flaw in Microsoft Office for Mac (CNet - 18/04/2002)

A trio of MS-Office security vulns (TheReg - 10/04/2002)

Two new "critical" bugs patched in IE (ZDNet - 01/04/2002)

Second Java hole poses Windows risk (CNet - 20/03/2002)

Microsoft offers patch for Java software (CNet - 06/03/2002)

Virus Alerts
New Klez worm squirms across Internet (CNet - 18/04/2002)

Aphex E-mail Worm Has A Way With IRC, Instant Messenger (NewsBytes - 11/04/2002)

'Bill Clinton' Worm Gets Around (NewsBytes - 22/03/2002)

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The Day's Top News
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New Zealand

Open in New Window Census user charges dropped
Detailed 2001 census results will be available free of charge from Statistics New Zealand's website later this month...

Open in New Window Assist police or they may hold up your IT: report
IT staff could be compelled to help police to retrieve evidence of a possible crime, without recompense, if recommendations by the Law Commission are implemented....


Open in New Window Xbox 'Emulator' Front For Online Money-Making Scam
A new fraud by Internet scam artists attempts to tap into video game aficionados' burning desire to play Microsoft Xbox games on their personal computers...

Open in New Window Microsoft Warns of Critical Instant Messaging Flaw
A security flaw in Microsoft's instant messaging services could enable remote attackers to take control of users' computers, the company warned today...

Open in New Window Children taking interest in Web ads
A recent study on Web usability indicates that children may account for a significant proportion of Web advertising click-through traffic...

Open in New Window Flash: Blogging Goes Corporate
Weblogs being the trend du jour, Macromedia attempts what may be a new type of marketing strategy: getting bloggers to push its products...

Open in New Window Too Broad a Ban on Child Models?
A new bill in Congress is supposed to ban controversial websites that feature children in suggestive poses. Instead it pretty much outlaws commercial photography of children and teenagers...


Open in New Window Corporate alert: file swapping bots, MS IIS exploit
Internet Security Systems is alerting corporate Australia to a growing file sharing racket that uses IRC robots to compromise networks, and believes because the exploit code for MS IIS vulnerabilities has also recently been released...

Open in New Window NSW crackdown on mobile-happy motorists
NSW State Transport Minister Carl Scully will increase penalties for motorists caught using mobile phones while driving, following overseas studies indicating the activity is more dangerous than drink driving...


Open in New Window Microsoft steps on Samba's toes
Microsoft has opened a new chapter in its long-running dispute with open-source software developers--and it could have antitrust implications...

Open in New Window Team tackles Windows security
Government, industry and academia have teamed up t secure the most popular type of system being deployed on servers in the public and private sectors: Microsoft Corp.'s Windows 2000...

Open in New Window Battle for women's eyeballs
Women's websites could pose a threat to glossy print magazines, according to the new editor of Handbag.com Debbie Djordjevic...

Open in New Window IBM Reveals 'Butterfly Grid' for Internet Game Play
IBM and startup Butterfly.net have announced that they are bringing what they term a massive computing grid to the Internet for online game play...

Open in New Window New Jersey Online Child-Porn 'Sting' Touches 16 Countries
A fake child-pornography Web site operated by law enforcement authorities in New Jersey has helped identify as many as 200 traders of illegal images in 16 countries, including the U.S...

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