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Voyager launches Net-telephony service this month
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Hot on the tails of the Voyager Global Fax service, announced late last year, Voyager are about to strengthen their push into the Net-telephony market with the release of "Voyager Phone" later this month.

The technology is a joint development by Voyager's parent company OzEmail, Interlink Electronics and Ideata Pty Ltd. OzEmail's holding in the joint-venture operation is 80%.

Phil Dagger, Voyager's marketing manager, says that the technology will be marketed to service providers around the world, thus building a global network for this service.

Voyager claims the system will be very simple to use and can be accessed from any telephone. "To join, a customer registers with Voyager Phone and receives a unique PIN. The service does not require any special equipment. To make a call, the customer simply dials Voyager Phone's nearest access number, enters his or her PIN and dials the desired destination as usual"

Customer billing information will be available to Net-connected users via email or the Web.

The service will be available to Voyager subscribers on a "limited-release" basis from late this month. The list of sites operating during this early phase includes Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, NZ, USA and UK.

Exact pricing has not yet been finalised, however Voyager indicates that there will most likely be a "joining fee" of around $20 and that usage charges will represent at least a 50% saving on those charged by existing Telcos.

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