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Xtra enters Net Telephony Market
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First it was Voyager who announced their intention to get serious about Net Telephony, then IHUG, now Xtra is making its move.

When Xtra was first launched last year, Chris Tyler was quite open in his assertion that Net Telephony was going to be an important part of the future of the Net. Since then, Xtra has been very quiet about the whole thing, some observers even speculating that parent company Telecom had "leaned" on Xtra so as to squash any plans for a service which might compete with the Telco's core business.

It seems that this is not the case. Xtra has just announced that it will be starting a Net Telephony trial involving some 400 customers, drawn mainly from the ranks of existing Xtra subscribers. Whether this move is part of a strategy which has been in place for some time, or whether it's a reaction to the announcements from Voyager and IHUG is unknown.

At this time no details are available as to the software or standards being used for the trials and Tyler openly acknowledges that the quality is "not as good as normal telephony", nor will accessing the service be as straightforward as direct dial calling.

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