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Mail crash at Xtra
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Telecom/Xtra has advised Aardvark that a report published here previously regarding the scope of the problem was incorrect:

In another official statement, Telecom/Xtra have said:

"The only mail that was not delivered to Xtra customers [sic] mailboxes was that which arrived between 6:00am and 8:00am on Wednesday Feb 5th and that found a corrupt mailbox (approx 5% of our customers)"

Xtra subscribers awoke Tuesday morning to find their email service in tatters. According to Xtra spokesman Quentin Bright, the Xtra mailserver suffered a file-system failure on Tuesday night at around 11:00pm and the problem won't be fully resolved until late this afternoon [Wednesday].

The exact cause of the failure is not known, something which must be more than just a little disconcerting for Xtra and its users.

It appears that the most recent backup of the mailserver contents was made at 2:00am the previous morning meaning that some customers may have lost up to 21 hours worth of messages.

This latest problem appears to be just another one of a continuing stream of problems that Xtra has had with their mail system. Aardvark regularly receives copies of emails from Net users which show configuration errors and failures at Xtra.

Other observers have also raised concern about Xtra embarking on another high-profile television advertising campaign as part of their subscriber recruitment drive at a time when the system is reportedly still suffering from capacity and reliability problems.

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