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Local ISP extends helping hand to beleaguered Xtra
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When Xtra's mail server crashed last night, help was immediately offered by one of the country's smaller but more reliable ISPs, iProlink.

According to Craig Anderson from iProlink, they were contacted by an Xtra employee who was concerned about the most recent mail outage and asked if they might be willing to offer Xtra some support while the email system was restored.

In a statement to Aardvark today, Anderson said "iProlink has a standby server with RAID disks. We offered Xtra the use of this server so that they could temporarily spool mail here while they work on their client mail server. By spooling mail on our server Xtra could minimise the load on their resources, both while the repair takes place and afterwards when the considerable amount of spooled mail would get delivered."

It is indeed refreshing to note that despite the previous ill-feeling which has been experienced between Xtra and other ISPs, at least some players realise the importance of the Internet industry maintaining a credible and responsible image in the marketplace.

"iProlink felt that it would benefit their clients and others in the Internet community by offering their assistance to an ISP in trouble. We would have felt better about it had Xtra been a member of the Internet Service Providers Association of New Zealand (ISPANZ), however, events that affect any ISP affect the ability of our clients to communicate and we are always willing to do what we can." said Anderson.

iProlink has an enviable 99.95% availability record in its provision of service during the past 12 months and is regarded by many as the industry's highest quality service provider.

Xtra thanked iProlink for the offer but declined, deciding they could deal with the potential problems of restoring the service in other ways.

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