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ClearNet user spams NZ domains Update
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It appears as if Aardvark's observations in the orignal story published this morning were correct with respect to infringement of intellectual property rights by Teleguide.

The Teleguide site has since pulled all of the copyrighted and trademarked material from their page. Also contained on the page now is notice that Roger Masters of TVNZ has requested that information from their web site be pulled and allegedly that Teleguide may not even provide links to the TVNZ programme listing pages.

In an attempt to downplay the effect of the email spamming which spawned a barrage of complaints, the site now carries an apology - well a half-pie apology, with Teleguide refusing to acknowledge that they commited a spam, claiming in their defense that it was only directed to domain names. "A rose by any other name?".

Perhaps this is yet another example of a good idea badly damaged by a lack of knowledge about copyright and Netiquette. It is becoming increasingly apparent that many people are embarking on Net-ventures without doing their homework properly.

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