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IHUG, Clear unhappy with spammer story
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IHUG and ClearNet have both expressed dissatisfaction over a story Aardvark ran yesterday reporting a mass-emailing by one of their customers.

In an email titled "I'm not very impressed", Tim Wood from IHUG suggested that "having IHUG's and Clear's name dragged through the mud for someone else's actions was not fair". Wood asserts that the item was not newsworthy because "the spam thing is a little over done don't you think...like last year".

Aardvark would simply like to state that the report was factually correct, Wood admits this in a subsequent email, even going so far as to explain that the "crash" server is "in dire need of an upgrade".

I'm afraid that Aardvark won't be adopting an advertorial attitude to reporting the Industry News. If the facts don't please someone, and often they don't, then I'm afraid that's too bad. Aardvark readers deserve to get the raw facts and not some watered-down report which is "sensitive" to the needs and desires of the big names in the industry. One of the biggest strengths of the Web as a publishing medium is its low cost. Whereas many pulp-publishers are reliant on retaining good relations with advertisers just so that they can stay in business, Aardvark and other Web-based publications can afford to be quite blunt and objective.

As regular readers will have already seen, Aardvark gets a lot of flack from those who are "disadvantaged by the facts" but that is very much the nature of this business and no apologies are made.

Following that story, a number of emails have been received from people (including some other ISPs) who are concerned at the apparent lack of public action by the ISPs involved in this matter so Aardvark will attempt to obtain more information and report on the resolution of this story. However it appears that I am now on Mr Wood's "black list" and as a result, will be receiving no further comments from him.

Bruce Simpson

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