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14 May 1997

It's a hard life being an ISP. There are issues of connectivity, security, accounting, support, sales and all manner of things that consume your time - so it's understandable that ISPs can't spend their days policing the net to make sure that their customers aren't breaching Netiquette by posting commercial messages to non-commercial usenet newsgroups.

But what's going on when we find blatant advertisements for the services offered by a major Telco and ISP being posted to usenet by the ISP itself?

It seems that Stephen Prentice, who calls himself Clear's "Home Office Account Manager", decided that it would be a good idea to advertise the service he manages by posting a blatantly commercial message to the nz.general newsgroup.

Now it may be unfair to hold an ISP responsible for the actions of its customers - but they must accept liability for the actions of their own employees!

Aardvark attempted to raise a response from both Mr Prentice and the email address abuse@clear.net.nz - but it seems they aren't even contrite enough to reply and offer a reason or excuse.

One can only assume that despite a previous claim (as reported in this story and in this letter) that ClearNet would be monitoring reports of Net-abuse "around the clock", they are simply paying lip-service to the whole issue - not even bothering to educate their own staff as to the meaning and importance of netiquette.

Of course, Aardvark's Right of Reply is always open if Clear would like to (belatedly) voice their perspective.

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