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Clear responds to spamming story
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15 May 1997

ClearNet responds to this story carried by Aardvark yesterday.

Date: Wed, 14 May 1997 10:38:00 +1200
From: CLEAR Net Webmaster <webmaster@clear.net.nz>
Organization: CLEAR Net
To: ror@aardvark.co.nz
Subject: Re: CLEAR Net, what do you say?


Thanks for your interest but the issue has already been dealt with. We have pointed out to the individual concerned that no matter what their interpretation of netiquette or useful information as opposed to commercial information might be, by accepted standards it was a breach.

Just for the record, the CLEAR employee is a customer of CLEAR Net - no surprise - but doesn't work for the ISP so your suggestion that this was somehow worse than normal is irrelevant. We have certainly treated it in the normal manner and warned the person concerned that any further breaches are unacceptable.

We also accept that regardless of how much information you give people there will still be some who make mistakes, either through an excess of enthusiasm as in this case, or deliberately. That is why we, and other ISPs, have procedures for dealing with such breaches and making sure they don't happen again. We agree abuse can be a big problem but this wasn't a serious case. Education is the answer here and we continue to educate our customers and employees.

Every e-mail to our abuse address yesterday was dealt with promptly except for yours. The questions you posed required more consideration than we were able to give in the short timeframe.

We look forward to your future posts to NZ.General - will we see another invitation to read the full story on Aardvark or 7am? Bruce this was very low-key, the feedback from some of those whom originally complained is that we have handled this in an appropriate manner.


--Michael Clark
--CLEAR Net abuse team

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