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28 May 1997

The following is an official statement from the Centre for Continuing Education in relation to the Unsolicited Commercial Emailing that occured last week:

The Centre for Continuing Education wishes to apologise to anyone who took offence to receiving an unsolicited email re. the seminar by Professor Ho (http://www.cce.auckland.ac.nz/netstrategies). This was intended as a 1 off communication only to a group of addresses we felt could benefit from the information.

With the benefit of hindsight we realise this was not a wise decision and reflected a degree of ignorance as to the extent of sensitivities on the matter.The decision to send the email was made within a small unit of the University and in no way is indicative of the University's view of the practice.

We further wish to apologise unreservedly to Professor Ho who had no knowledge of this happening and has expressed his opposition to anything that could be construed as spamming. The Operational Research Society of NZ who also has an association with the seminar was likewise unaware of the action taken by the Centre.

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