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Last week Aardvark Daily ran a story sparked by a press release issued from Telecom's XTRA Internet service. Tim Wood sent this "Right of Reply":

Date sent:        Wed, 21 Jan 1998 10:40:34 -0800
To:               ror@Aardvark.co.nz
From:             Tim Wood 
Subject:          Xtra's popularity.
Hi Bruce,

Excuse me for being cynical but I can't help it when I read articles such as the one "Banners Bring Big Bucks". Those of us who are selling banner advertising generally charge the same amount, thats around 5 cents per impression. Until recently major advertisers were not really loading vast sums into web advertising (even on the Xtra site)..so it is with some amusement that I read of Xtra's miraculous $1,000,000.00 earnings from banners over the last 12 months. Now we are talking banners here..or are we talking total revenue earn't from other endevours?.

I ask this question because if you do the maths it seems that Xtra claim to be selling 1,666,666 impressions per month. Thats One Million six hundred thousand pre sold actual seperate hits. They are obviously direct descendants from the Advertising God 'Bo-liks" himself.

What makes me more curious is that statistics from one of the major banner placement companies pointed our site out as the most active when it came to click throughs....go figure.

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Editor: Although not stated in the press release, I believe that at least some of the ad revenues from the Xtra site would also come from the commercial sponsorship of areas such as the "Ask The Doctor" segment. Apart from the lovely alliterated headline (of my own invention), there was no statement from Xtra that banners were the sole source of ad revenues.

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