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Can Hackers Hike Your Internet Bill? 28 May 2001 Edition
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Last week there was an interesting report published which revealed that denial of service (DOS) attacks are a whole lot more common that was previously thought.

University researchers in the USA discovered that at least 4,000 DOS attacks were being launched every week, and that a fair number of them were directed at other Internet users, as opposed to websites or large networks.

One savvy Aardvark reader emailed me, suggesting that this could have significant implications for those whose Internet access involved a volume-based charging scheme (such as those on Telecom's JetStream).

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The reader quite rightly pointed out that, given the high bandwidth offered over a DSL link such as Jetstream, it would be very easy for a full-blown DOS attack to result in huge volumes of traffic being generated over a relatively short period of time -- charged at up to 20c per megabyte depending on your Jetstream pricing plan.

While this type of attack could be used with limited success against a residential user who has a dynamic IP number, business users who are using a static IP and who leave their PCs and modems turned on overnight or even over a weekend could find a nasty surprise in their next Telecom bill if they're not careful.

I'm sure that Telecom would refund the overcharge if you could prove that the extra traffic was the result of a DOS attack -- but how are you going to do that? Telecom has also been reported on occasion to demand that people pay outstanding amounts or risk disconnection, even when those amounts are in dispute.

If anyone has already had a DOS attack leave them facing extra traffic charges, please let me know.

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NZ Herald's Adserver Joins The Strike?
I had quite a bit of trouble getting to the NZ Herald website on several occasions over the weekend -- the problem appearing to be that Wilson & Horton's adserver was not responding.

Normally the NZHerald.co.nz site is pretty reliable -- but this weekend I wasn't the only one who found it inaccessible most of the time.

With the NZ Herald's journalists out on strike and urging Net users to boycot the site, it would seem that the adserver must have decided to go out in sympathy.

It seems that the NZ Herald webserver has joined the adserver and now, as of mid-morning Monday, the whole site is out on strike.

Reminds me of a series of Microsoft ads running on TV -- "the server does not get lonely, it shows no emotion, -- it's down the pub having a beer with the journalists..."

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