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Oh no, the vaccine will kill me!

19 July 2021

I published a video last week in which I mentioned that I had received my first jab of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccination.

It's fair to say that I was not really expecting the type or magnitude of response this video received.

Within minutes anti-vaxers started castigating me for falling for the vaccination conspiracy. Others criticised me for suggesting that everyone should get vaccinated.

In short, in the eyes of those who believe that CV19 and the subsiquent vaccination program is all some kind of conspiracy, I am now the devil incarnate.

And you know what?

I feel sorry for these people.

It seems to be a trait of the human mind that there's some kind of dopamine-based reward for believing that you know something others don't. Perhaps this is why conspiracy theories are so popular and spread so quickly.

What better conspiracy than to suggest that the vaccination program is a giant experiment and that *you* are special because *you* know this, whilst millions of others don't -- and are walking like lambs to the slaughter?

So maybe it's time for a reality check and a look at what we do know:

Let's use the USA as our subject group, simply because it's a first-world nation that has a fairly active vaccination program and actually handled the CV19 pandemic really poorly when it first kicked off.

The death rate associated with CV19 infection in the USA is about 1.3 percent. I guess it could be said that the vast majority who contract the virus will survive -- although that doesn't really tell the whole story because there will be a greater number who suffer life-changing injury as a result but don't figure in the statistics.

It must also be acknowledged that people have died as a result of the vaccination. According to official figures that number is around 10,000 after 377 million doses of vaccine have been administered.

If we crunch the numbers it becomes very clear that the risk of dying from the effects of the vaccine are about 600 times lower than the risk of dying from CV19 itself.

Which odds would you take?

Again however, we must acknowledge that this is a vaccine that was produced in an extraordinarily short space of time. Normally these things take many years to properly develop, test and roll out. We did it in little more than a year or so.

There is a chance, albeit a small one, that that there may be some long-term side effects which have not surfaced. Could huge numbers of those who have been vaccinated end up with liver-cancer or brain tumors in five years' time that are directly attributed to these injections?

It's always possible. We simply have no absolute guarantees in this regard and this is why vaccines *usually* undergo very long and comprehensive trials before being unleashed on the general population.

However, as an over-65 I know that my odds of dying from CV19 are still much higher than the odds of dying from any vaccination side-effects so I am more than prepared to run with the numerically safer option.

The situation becomes a little more tricky for younger people perhaps.

The young are often less vulnerable to the effects of CV19 which means mortality within that age group is lower than the 1.3 percent average. They also have a lot more life ahead of them so whereas side effects that might manifest in 15-20 years time won't worry me at all, they could be hugely life-changing for younger folk.

Then of course we have to look to the *real* truth of CV19.

Perhaps CV19 was created in a lab by a nascent superpower that wants to take over the world without risking too much of its own human, militiary and financial capital.

Maybe they developed CV19 to become a pandemic, not with the goal of killing their enemies but with the goal of convincing those enemies to vaccinate their most powerful and most affluent citizens against the virus.

The end-game comes when that nascent superpower releases the next virus from their bio-weapons lab. This new virus *only* kills those who have been immunised against CV19 and is thus highly selective. If you've not been immunised you suffer only mild symptoms and recover in days. Those who have been vaccinated however, suffer huge cytokine storm reactions that kill them within hours.

All the political leaders, armed forces and other people of power, influence and wealth within the ranks of enemy nations are wiped out in a few short weeks -- leaving the nascent superpower able to simply walk in and take over.


As I said... everyone likes a good conspiracy theory (and many a true word is spoken in jest?)

Enjoy your Monday, I get my second jab in a couple of weeks.

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