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ICONZ enters the Net Telephony market
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It appears as if Internet Telephony is getting more popular by the day with the announcement that yet another ISP has proclaimed their entry into the marketplace.

ICONZ, one of NZ's first commercial ISPs has announced a strategic partnership with GXC, a leader in international Internet Telephony networks.

General Manager of ICONZ, Hugh McKellar says that the quality of service available through the net has increased significantly and will rival that of the normal public phone network within the year.

Of GXC, McKellar says "they're the first company to develop the hardware, the software and the international network to allow phone to phone connections over the Internet without the need for users to have a PC. We've been trialing the GXC phone to phone gateway and we're very impressed".

This announcement brings ICONZ head-to-head with Xtra, Voyager and IHUG who have also announced trials of Net Telephony products with a view to launching a commercial product before the end of the year.

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